wtb wishlist

I figure I’d put it out there so if anyone sees or knows of anything perhaps they’d have the kindness to let me know!
Sasha (hahaha!) for less than a nose job
♥ Anais/Tae (kissy face!)
♥ FOUND!!! Yay. Emma’s outfit… I know there will be a lot of Emmas floating around eventually. Surely SOMEONE won’t be too enamored of her froofy outfit?
♥ These boots (one & two) from Dollheart in SD10/13 size… I got the msd brown boots and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I want them for all my dolls. Just not the pink, which are the only ones still in stock.

One thought on “wtb wishlist”

  1. (I tried to email you but the form didn’t work)
    Hey! You did a face up and eye chip change for my FaPa Blythe I think in 2004…my TIB name is BlackDoll (though I haven’t been on there in ages) and my Blythe was Charlotte, I live in Florida. ARe you still doing eye chip changes? I also have a LM Blythe and I would like to know if you could do this for me. It’s been a while so let me know!!

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