WTB – Super Dollfie Convention Outfit

Ok, I’m officially having fits about it. I so wanted some kind of mod freaky traditional Japanese style outfit for Fifi. And Natalie’s purty design for the convention outfit is so much closer than I would ever get! And the colors are perfect. I’m fainting with delight. Ah!
If anyone has one they would like to sell in the under $100 range (or please tell me why that is silly), I would love to buy. Issss so pretty.
I don’t know of any pictures of it that I can steal.

4 thoughts on “WTB – Super Dollfie Convention Outfit”

  1. I saw one yesterday on EBay, I think it was under 100… 🙂 Oh ya, you know the September Pretty Girl 9 (I think), Jenny doll (the one in the nursey uniform!:P)? Do you have an idea where you can preorder them? *I want one soooo bad….* Thanks!

  2. Thank you! Someone else sent me the link too. Cool.
    Jenny-land.com should have them, just email her! Or seller natalie622 on ebay 🙂

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