Wow. Ask and thou shalt receive! And… another request.

I’ve got a pair of Volks white lashes winging their way to me already. Thanks Sandi! Woo!
Now, there was a Japanese customizer who had a page on opening up the F05’s eyes. Does anyone have it bookmarked? I can’t find mine! And it was very handy. I’ll crosspost this one to DOA.
Thanks! Kiss-kiss!

3 thoughts on “Wow. Ask and thou shalt receive! And… another request.”

  1. Oh, do tell me where you managed to procure some white eyelashes, please oh please! My albino girl is sadly eyelash-less due to the fact that I can not seem to locate them anywhere. Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I got one pair off of ebay, but they might be ivory. And someone on Livejournal sold me a pair of Volks white, which aren’t currently available.
    Customhouse actually has them in stock (under the “etc” category), but their base shipping fee is $25! So unless you want to order some other stuff, it is expensive.
    Failing those options, I was just going to go to a drag queen supply store and get some to customize.

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