“work” in progress


“working from home” today. Mr. Kallisti is flying to Michigan to visit his mother til Monday and pick up some of his things. First time we’ve been apart for more than a few hours. Eeeeeeee! So I’m doing “busy work” which is good for the dollies! The dishes are next.
Anyway, doing a sweetheart corset. Frou! I’m going to make a fake front busk, must go get hooks/eyes. It will also lace up the back.
Bloomers or froufy skirt to go with!?!?
Alert, this will probably be my first ebay auction. It is not perfect (drat it) but I’m gonna do it anyway.

2 thoughts on ““work” in progress”

  1. YIPPEE!!! Finally, one of your creations on Ebay!! I want, I need, I must have it!!!! I will bid…oh, yes I will! Froufy skirt would be nice…but I like bloomies, too.

  2. Very lovely! I like the embroidered hearts along the bottom. Maybe a frou-frou fluffy skirt with lots of tulle would be nice? Or maybe you could do both! Have a short fluffy skirt, with the bloomers peeking out underneath.

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