I slipped and bought a doll!
Not usually so um, impulsive. But AngelRegion is selling unfinished kits for $200. So I got me an Angelica w/ half closed eyes.

I wish’d they were white skinned, but oh well. 200 smackers! Shee-it. Not even sure I’ll like the body. Feelin’ crazy. If you’d had the week I’d had you’d be retarded with your money too.
They are shipping at the end of August. LE to 50 kits. Go now.
K, now the rest of the Liz funds is going into cold storage. Yip!

3 thoughts on “Whoopsie!”

  1. You should really put your funds into cold storage, or else you’ll never get that Liz doll!

  2. Ack! Just ordered a Pure Milk Ami UFK. AR’s shipping selection thingy is…..”unique”.

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