White as Snow: Pale Dolly Database

A work in progress:
I’d like to add some comparison pictures once my big FCS girl arrives as well as info from other companies.
A gazillion thanks to Aimee and Cassiel who shared their resources and large brains with me ^_^
EDIT: can someone read this page to tell if Taisho Romance Megu was indeed beauty white? Pwease!?!?
I was specifically interested in nailing down the nonclemature. In the US, as a community, we’ve been using “snow” to delineate the white resin in its pure-skin form, when in fact this is a term not used by Volks at all. So that has been clarified in detail.
And lastly, I’d like to ask Volks: please release more LE dolls in beauty white! On our hands and knees… please!

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