Which pink?

Oh boy. I have three pink striped fabrics and must choose one!


(fabric on the left donated by Shan and middle pink stripe by Armeleia! big fat HUGS to you both!!!)

The darker pink1/8th inch stripe fabric on the left is a regular cotton, the middle fabric with the very fine stripes is rayon (or something) and the fabric on the right is a pale pink 1/8th inch crinkle cotton. Please to vote which fabric would be best suited for this, but on Demelza (I almost named her Gigi!):


ALSO, finally made it over to “Kimono My House” in Oakland/Emeryville yesterday. A small but PACKED Japanese toy store that is tucked away in a roof apartment of an Oakland warehouse. Tons of stuff, we got all gashapon (the dolls/jennys were reeeeally expensive), but it was soooo fun to poke around and the mr. man running it Saturday was very friendly and kept pulling things off the shelves for us to see.
Mr. Kallisti got four monster gashapons and they all turned out to be Godzilla! His favorite is mecha-godzilla. Rar.
They only had one Galaxy Express left and I was beside myself with glee when I opened it at home and it was Captain Harlock! *swoon* I also got some Rement sushi and a itty bitty tiny tin toy astroboy in a tiny tin car for the dollfie house.

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