Wee Doll Fest El Cerrito Style

Angrybutter (and lovely friend) & Aznbutterfly came by the cottage this afternoon. Aznbutterfly brought his brand spankin’ new Shirou who he promptly stripped to show us his willie! Oh boy! So Fifi of course felt obligated and dropped her drawers as well to the delight of all.


My light was bad. Piffle.
Aznbutterfly brought a Kenner Blythe, wooo! She’s also wearing a GORGEOUS ensemble by Christina (who did Calliope’s outfit). Also notice aaaall of Angrybutter’s brilliant girls. I love them SO MUCH. Wah. Funny thing is, Blythes look really great in a cluster. She opened up her pack and they were all belted in, snug as a bug, and absolutely adorable.
Must resist owning 2394734 Blythes.

2 thoughts on “Wee Doll Fest El Cerrito Style”

  1. Is it wrong to think that Shirou is sexy-hot? :XX
    I love angrybutter’s malta..so pretty..

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