You’re a Victorian-era corset. How refined.

What corset are you?
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Stolen from… someone on LJ ^_^!
I’m getting antsy for my Black Melody! Oh boy, oh boy! She’s supposed to ship in a week from Dollmore. I love her little fingers, that is what sold me on the sculpt. It is always the fingers. She’ll be 13-14″… a bit taller than I originally thought. I really like her extreme dead baby make-up. We’ll keep it for awhile… that’ll be a first! I wonder if her dress is going to be quality at all? Black is so hard to tell online. Meh. I also ordered 82473 pairs of stockings from Dollmore. Yay! I hate sewing them…
Also, Dollheart has new mix ‘n’ match for 60cm! I’m waiting for them to get the less casual stuff in stock. Heh. I haven’t much liked any of their new dress lines over all lately. Foof.

One thought on “Waaaaaspy!”

  1. Actually, that corset is Edwardian, from about 1900 – 1908. Victorian was about 20 years earlier, pre-belle epoche. This is a straight fronted ‘health’ corset that created the S-curve silhouette of the turn-of-the-century, and later straightened into the Titanic era corset. The straight front and forced curve of the back and hips cause women to lean forward slightly to compensate. Victorian is sharply wasp waisted all around with a curved front and hourglass shape.
    I dunno, useless info. Heh.

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