3 thoughts on “Waaaaaaaaaaah!”

  1. eww… the real life sex dolls… they just plain creep me out! Not only do they look like men in really bad drag, but they have that air of corpse/necrophilia to them. *shutters*
    The Unoss were cute tho…

  2. Happy Monday mornin!
    I don’t know what’s spookier, the realism of the *real* doll (I still can’t get used to them) or the *exploitation* of the Unoss’ or the fact that someone actually *played* with them like that.
    It’s like some bizarro “interspecies” messing about that should be plumbed further through therapy and meds until it no longer feels the need to assault the internet – or is that too drastic? I just woke up and I tend to be demanding in the morning – off to starbucks!

  3. Whoa. *looks again* I agree with moonxtal about that creepy and ‘in drag’ bit.

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