Vroooooooooom! *making plane arms*

Giant box of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM winging its way from Japan from Celga!
Two large packages have left the Blastmilk premises to their new owners. Buh-bye!
Box of Liebchen LOVE winging its way from Fancyboots this week!
♠ Everything else M.I.A. Teehee.
Started thinking of names for F16 girl. OMG.
♠ Have had PMS of doom making this week very hard to enjoy despite my true happiness. WTF!?!?
♠ Work moved to new offices which isn’t helping.
OMG, Liebchen! Can’t wait. She’ll be my Christmas Fairy… and with a name like Merry Wink who would have expected less?
Expecting phat raise in the new year. Woo!
♠ Snow White & Pink Poodle Momokos have been delayed til March/April. Boo.
So I ordered Wonderland Annz.