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3/1/2006: The Petition is now closed! Thanks to one and all for your participation, we’ve hit 111 Signatures for Sasha!
We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition:
Please Volks Inc., please. We humble ourselves and lie prostrate before you. With melancholy longing in our hearts we beg that you re-release the precious and most glorious Sasha (Sasya). She was originally released in May 2003 in very limited numbers and as every Dolpa passes the Fans of Sasha suffer the insufferable pain of dolly heartbreak by her continued absence. Her delicate features, her beautifully pale complexion, her sad and romantic
demeanor all conspire to make her one of the rarest and most beautiful Super Dollfies. Please look into your hearts and take pity on us, our sadness can only be reconciled by the consideration of Sasha as a future release. Please Volks Inc., you’re our only hope.
If you are a Fan of Sasha, and wish to see her re-released, please leave your signature here as a comment and we will forward this to Volks on March 1st, 2006. Feel free to place this wee campaign badge on your website, journal, blog, or signature, along with a link back to this page. Just please copy it to your own server or image host. Spread the word!

112 thoughts on “Vote for Sasha!”

  1. To have this beauty available again would be amazing. Well worth it for everyone involved! PLEASE!!!

  2. Dear Volks
    Sasha was such a wonderful doll. Please answer our prayers and release her again!

  3. Dear Volks,
    There are so many people who love and adore Sasha so much and would be very, very grateful if you could re-release this beautiful doll.

  4. Yes, Sasha seems a friend to Anais, Liz, Emma, Heath and the other aristocratic Super Dollfies. It’s as if she’s absent for the great tea party they are all having!
    Volks, Please send her to join the many friends and comrades she has awaiting her.
    She will smile with everyone’s happiness.
    Thank You Sincerely.

  5. Sasha has to come back… too many people are dying from longing!! Please, Volks, be merciful…

  6. Dear Volks,
    Please re-release beautiful Sasha. She is the dream doll for many people.

  7. Dear Volks,
    Let’s see, Anais, Madoka, Liz, Isao, plus others have been issued more than once, so would it not be possible to have Sasha available again?
    I know the many people who love to go to your store here in the US would be more than happy to be able to purchase a new Sasha. She is such a beautiful girl, it would be sad that only a few are able to enjoy her.
    thank you very much for all the wonderful things you have done for us!

  8. Dear Volks,
    We truly love and adore Sasha (Sasya).
    Please Please Please re-release her.

  9. Dear Volks,
    Many of us would love to see Sasha released again. We did not get the chance to get her the first time around. It would make many people very happy, as she is a beautiful and unique doll! Thank you for your consideration!

  10. oh pleas, pleas,pleas volks. pleas re-elese Sasha! she was my first love- from her my dollfie adventure has started. I’m dreaming about her for sooo long and can’t stand the thought, that se was so limited. Sasha has so many fans, so many people love her so much! pleas volks- give us an opportunity to own our dreamest dollfie ever!
    thanks for making this post! hope that it’ll works!

  11. Dear Volks, You would make my year if you would re-release the lovely Sasha. She’s so impossibly hard to get hold of and so many people love her. Pretty please?! And my gorgeous F16 white boy Christian would so love a Sister…we’d both be thrilled.

  12. Dear Volks,
    Sasha is truly one of the most beautiful dolls you have created. It would make so many people happy to see her re-released, and give them the chance to have this pale beauty for their own! Thank you for your time,

  13. Dear Volks,
    I think Sasha is the most beautiful girl you have ever produced. Please consider releasing her again!
    Thank you,

  14. Dear Volks,
    I would love to see a re-release of the ethereal beauty that is Sasha.
    οΏ½ Therese

  15. Dear Volks,
    Sasha is an absolute beauty, I would LOVE to see her be released again and be able to obtain this beauty for myself!

  16. Dear Volks,
    I did not even know about ball jointed dolls when this beauty was first released. I would love to see a re-release of her sometime in the future.

  17. I love Sasha will my iny winy little heart, and It would grow much bigger if she could be reissued out. That would be lovely ^^

  18. Dear volk’s,
    Please Give us, your beloved customers, the chance tp ebrace the wonderful a rare Sasha once again.

  19. Dear Volks,
    Yesss, please bring back the beautiful Sasha in beauty white. I love her very much and would love to adopt her into my doll family.
    Thank you so very much! ^___^

  20. Dear Volks,
    Please rerelease Sasha! She is one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful dolls in the world!

  21. Sasha is a true beauty – please give us the chance to adore her in person, instead of just from afar.

  22. Dear Volks,
    This is my humble request that you consider offering the lovely Sasha again. I know there are so many who dream of bringing this pale beauty home!

  23. Dear Volks,
    Sasha is the most beautiful doll. Please re-release her so we can share in her beauty. She is a dream doll for many of us.
    Thank you

  24. Dear Volks,
    I am sure that many of us, including myself, would be eternally grateful if there was a re-release of Sasha.
    I would love you forever!!!

  25. Dear Volks,
    Please re-release Sasha for her many many fans, she is one of the prettiest doll, and so rare in her white beauty. I’m sure fans would love to bring her home!

  26. Dear Volks Inc.
    Please grant our wish for a re-release of Sasha (Sasya). It would mean so much to us, your fans.
    Thank you!
    Leah Angel

  27. To,
    The busy little elves,
    Dolly Paradise.
    Dear Volks,
    The world could be a much sweeter place if there was a little more Sasha love to go around. Don’t you think so too?
    Yours hopefully,
    The Harveycat.

  28. Dear Volks,
    Sasha is definately one of the most beautiful limiteds out there. It would be so wonderful if you’d release her again!

  29. Sasha is a rare and precious pearl — a re-release of the mold would create some very, very happy Volks collectors!!
    — Andi πŸ™‚

  30. Dear Volks,
    Please re-release this gorgeous doll. There are so many of us that would love to welcome her into our homes!
    Thank you,

  31. Dear Volks,
    Please make my dolly dreams come true, Sasha is the only doll i want and crave for now. WE want her to be re-released!

  32. Dear Volks,
    I think Sasha is my favourite doll. I would love to see her made again so that she was not so hard to obtain.
    Thank you for your time^^

  33. Dear Volks,
    Sasha is your most beautiful girl you have released; please please release her once again.

  34. I can’t go on living in a world devoid of Sashas enchanting beauty and divine flawlessness. Sashas radiant and immaculate virginity soothes that wild beast in my soul.

  35. Dear Volks, I truly adore Sasha!!! She’s such a beauty in every way, the most beautiful and classic sculpt I have ever seen. Please grant our simple wishes and re-release her again? Let those who has missed her has a chance to own her again : ) Warmest Regards, Maureen Cheng (Dollipop11, Singapore)

  36. Dear Volks
    Please do concider re-releasing Sasha. She has many fans and there are many people who would love to buy her, were it not for her extremely high prices on the secondary market. I love this pale, elegant girl, please give us the chance to buy her from you again.

  37. Sasha evokes mystery and melancholy, and love. Such beauty needs to be shared. Please bring back this wonderful and beloved girl!

  38. Sasha deserves to be rereleased and there would be no shortage of people who would buy her. Please give us the opportunity!

  39. Sasha was one of the first dolls by Volks I ever saw, and she caught my heart and has never let go. Please make her available once again, for those who haven’t had the opportunity to bring such a beauty home.

  40. Dear Volks,
    I could not afford Sasha when she was released. Even as I save my money I think “when will I be able to bring her home?” Now the chances are looking grim. I know she will have many more happy homes in the future if you would rerelease her to the public that adores her.
    Melissa Rivera

  41. Sasha is one of the most beautiful dolls out there – but sadly she is such a rare angel! It would mean so much to a lot of people!

  42. yes yes for Sasha! please Volks, it would be ever so sweet if you could re-release the little lady.

  43. Sasha would be the centerpiece of my collection, it would be wonderful if you gave us another chance to own her.

  44. Dear Volks,
    Please do consider re-releasing Sasha. I would relish the opportunity of owning such a milky-white beauty to be an older sister to my Lilith.
    Many fond regards –

  45. Dear Volks,
    Please grant us one more chance to bring home this rare angel of yours, who speaks to so many but is heard by so few.
    Yours Sincerely,

  46. Dearest Volks,
    There are so many beautiful dolls that you make, and Sasha is right up there at the top of the lot. She is so hard to find, and so many of us would love to have her in our homes. Please re-release her!

  47. Dear Volks:
    As you continue to make everyone’s fondest doll dreams come true, please consider making the dreams of Sasha lovers come true with a reissue.
    With love,

  48. Dear Volks,
    Sasha is so beautiful, she always takes my breath away! It’s so sad that people are paying more than 3x what she was originally sold for because their heart is captured by this beauty… I dearly hope you will re-release her!
    Kendall M. (belleiseult)

  49. Dear Volks
    Please rerelease this beautiful girl, many would love to own her and give her a wonderful home. I’m hoping to see her again ^^
    Volks your the best Thank you

  50. Dear Volks,
    i never got to enjoy the Beauty of Sasha and so i hope you will re-release this special girl ^^

  51. Dear Volks
    Please re-release this gorgeous girl.
    So that more of us can bring one home to love.
    Thank you

  52. Dear Volks,
    please can you re-release Sasha as i feel it will make so many people extremly happy^-^
    she is a beautiful doll and i’m sure she will be appreciated by many.
    yours hopefully

  53. It would be absolutely lovely if she was re-released, I missed my opportunity to get her the first time!

  54. I would love to have BW Sasha…please consider another release of this beauty!

  55. Oh Volks, please re-release Sasha! She’s a beautiful girl and deserves a second chance – please bring her back!

  56. Oh Volks, please re-release Sasha! She’s a beautiful girl and deserves a second chance – please bring her back!

  57. It would be a wonderful gift to re-release the beautiful Sasha. She is SO expensive on the secondary market and so many love her. You would be making your fans extremely happy.

  58. Dear Volks,
    Sasha is an absolutely beautiful doll. A rerelease would be highly anticipated and appreciated. Many of us missed the opportunity to take home this delicate and graceful girl the first time. We would all very much love a second chance!

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