Volks woo!

It has been confirmed, all the crap I ordered from the Japanese side after logging into the Volks website has been shipped. That includes lingerie, pittato wig velcro, lots o’ eyelashes including the new gothic ones, go guy red rooted head, tan skin black hair rooted head (which Masamichi couldn’t get) etc. I tested putting a SD dress in my basket and it let me get through checkout just up to the payment confirmation so I assume I could order dresses etc too. This is very exciting. No more feeling jealous of the Japanese (except for FCS). Oh, and the only thing they made me take out of my basket was Mr. Super Clear because it technically cannot be shipped into the US.
K, I have one big order coming from D & H, of which half of it I might resell as I am seriously cutting down on the dolly budget. No more hoarding. Only shop as needed, and redefine the word “need.” Suddenly “need” isn’t quite so voluminous now that I have Demelza. *sigh* I can’t stop staring at her.
“Need” is the new pink haired Rosebud Blythe. Woot. Which is my *only* planned purchase for the forseeable future. Imagine that! But priorities must be redefined if I’m going to ever save money and do the right thing. Luckily I don’t have much debt.
And I would like to congratulate le Marquis et le Boyfriend on the successful counter-counter offer being accepted on his new Palais a la Nouvelle Orleans. I can’t wait to visit and have crumpets and whiskey on the balcony. Think Christmas. Think liver damage.
Oooh, and thanks to rroseselavyoui reminding me of the Dangerous Liaisons exhibit at the Met. *swoon* I believe this was the subject of a lengthy email thread between the Sepulchritudinous editors awhile back. Welp, they gots pictures up now…