Volks sure is fancy!

I’m not usually very moved by the real life pictures of dollies. If a she is a must have, I’ll know with the release pictures.
But… but… this. Pictures of Luna up close and personal. Omg. There are little dolly devils running in circles sceaming in my head, poking the backs of my eyes with leetle peetchforks.
This too shall pass. But O! The pain is exquisite.

7 thoughts on “Volks sure is fancy!”

  1. Yes, I too share the pain. However, my pain is wondering whether or not I won the lottery. I think I shall whither away and die if I lose.

  2. I saw at Den of Angels that you lost the Salopette outfit. When you lose a lottery, it’s like WE ALL LOSE. Ha ha ha! But seriously, I’m sorry to hear it. At least you’ll have that much more moneys for treats when you travel!

  3. aw! you totally made me spit my cookies out.
    thanks though! I know, I totally should not be spending but #&$*(&#$ it was so awesome.

  4. *her eyes fall out* owww!!! These little demons are poking my eyes out 😛 Luna is so cute….I’m so poor!

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