Volks store opening November 19th, Torrance CA

390 miles from El Cerrito to Torrance, CA… whoopie!
Still no exact location. But rest assured. I’ll be there. And probably Disneyland, too. Woo!

6 thoughts on “Volks store opening November 19th, Torrance CA”

  1. My mom’s been asking me about the opening and when I’d like to go if I had the chance to go, so I’m guessing she might be planning it for me as an early Christmas present (possibly maybe). I’d really like to go. We’d be flying out from Richmond, VA.

  2. Oh Yay!!!!! i am planning a trip for January! I will be comming from Illinois!
    I am starting to save up now, lord knows I will need it when I get there and lose my mind and put my self into crippling debt. Hehe, just kiding (maybe).

  3. i hope you have a loverly time on your trip =3 i hope good ol’ I-5 behaves for you, it’s been a bitch up here (in Oregon)
    and btw, all your gorgeous dolls have made me want some volks, and now i have to wait it out… i’ll have to come back and ask questions, lucky you =)

  4. WOWY!!!
    Volks store and Disneyland… You are such a lucky gal! I’m just back from DisneyWorld so I’ll have to wait for California! And since I will come all the way from Montreal(Quebec,Canada) I must spend at least 2 weeks there! It will cost me so much $$$!!!
    Btw I was wondering if you knew french…
    Merci et a la prochaine!!

  5. “Btw I was wondering if you knew french… ”
    I don’t actually. *sheepish*
    But I look like I do online! Ha! Lots of interest in French culture, but I’m terrible at languages.

  6. Just want to say.. it is NOT fair that all this talent goes to just one person (you). I am jealous and at the same time in love, please marry me, adopt me, be my adoptive child, anything! 😛

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