Volks really ♥ us!

No kidding. This just in… LA Tenshi no Sumika opening on the 19th (for SD owners list only?) and the 20th for the public.
But check out the LE girls:
That is Liz, Anais & Madoka. OMG. In kimono. I was so secretly horrified at the thought that they would do Malibu Dollfie. No snow white girls though? *whimper* Anais & Madoka though… that is hard.
Also, a FAQ:

Q. Will you start the Full Choice System at the opening?
A: Yes. Finally, Full Choice System comes to the USA. We do Full Choice System at the opening of the Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA.

YAYAYAY! Planning to order FCS at the opening. I hope.
Eeep. Supposed to be doing chores, but this was too cool to ignore! So. Excited.

3 thoughts on “Volks really ♥ us!”

  1. will they be open for many other days, cause i think i can only go on vacation wich will probably be thanks giving >_>;
    Id really apresiate an answer ^~^0
    -bye now, have a nice day!

  2. It is hard to say what their schedule is going to be, but I imagine they should be open all week except for actual holidays. But when the store is actually open you should be able to call the store to find out.

  3. Oooo, so does this mean they will be releasing Liz again. but with a different outfit? Oh how hope so!!!!!

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