Volks LA Event

Info leaking out in dribbles: August 5th! According to nice lady from FDQ.
I will repeat previous blurb for reference:

“Volks is planning to have another tea party at the Volks mansion in August. There will be lots of one-offs and a special exhibition of the new Super Dollfie FCS heads. I am sure everybody who can attend will have a great time with lots of excitement! VOLKS USA will be announcing more specific information and how to come to the party at their website”.

That’s not very far off. I would imagine it is not going to be quite the do it was last time. Still… an excuse is an excuse to drive six hours to visit the Volks store. My Anniversary is the 4th so maybe that is just the ammo I need to force Mr. Kallisti to take me to Disneyland for a hot date.
But ew. Disneyland in the summer. Bleh.