Vintage Ai & DIM

Been watching the pix from Customhouse leak out all week.
Odree Vintage Ai: LE Alps Version.

I just want to say: Waaaaaaaaaah! (and that goes for all the gorgeous I can’t have)
She’s styled after the pose doll, I would assume! Will be released tomorrow, I guess. She’s 35cm, white resin, with a foxy little womanly figure.

And omg. That is not to mention Doll In Mind’s new 58 cm girls: Flora & Cordelia
(@*#*$#@! Love.

5 thoughts on “Vintage Ai & DIM”

  1. I’m a sucker for Flora, alas. You always go for the super glamorous molds, Kallisti! And then you make them into these exquisite little dream creatures I fall in love with; the whole situation makes me doubt my first instincts. Oh, but I have to say, Flora. Flora, Flora, Flora. Maybe some day I will bring her home. *happy sigh*

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