Veruca? Violet? Verushka? Vesta? Vivia?

Veruca? Violet? Verushka? Vesta? Vivia?
Geneve? Ginevra?
Anisette? Miette (poor Miette! le sigh)…
Esmee? Enid? Evangeline? Graine? Prudence? Ursula?

7 thoughts on “Veruca? Violet? Verushka? Vesta? Vivia?”

  1. Veruca! Definitely, just the right mix of sugar and spice.
    Um, yeah I assume you’re referring to Lil Miss No Name?
    Did you open your loot yet, I must vicariously experience new toys through others now that Sist is on eBay, can you believe I’ve resorted to whining to my MOM for money? I feel like a teenager again >__<

  2. Here, I made a list for Paul this morning of what was in THE BOX. It ain’t gonna help yah, since a lot of it is for dear, sweet, pending Lusis:
    Um. Milk/pink Unoa Leeke wig.
    Unoa nursey outfit.
    Unoa bunny coat (um, kinda large. kinda fits Fifi!)
    Volks SD13 Gothic Nun dress <= bargain!
    Unoa “O!” face
    Oh, yeah. And Mitten!
    Not to mention the two Volks wigs and HG eyes I got from Frank as well.
    *passes out*
    Don’t worry, when the pre-order comes in there should be some Unoa floating around. Just keep posting about it. And I’ll keep my eyes peeled as well!

  3. Nice! A nun dress – how saucy.
    Jah I am waiting on January for that preorder – the Unoa on eBay is SO gonna skyrocket, with all that stuff she comes with? Yeppers. But I got sis and the Dad in on the whiiiiiine for money.
    Can’t wait to see your Lusis in action!! Especially with that ^o^ face!

  4. I have two other names for thought…Ereshkigal…goddess of the underworld. Or Lola. Just because she looks like one.

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