Valentine’s BJD Meet

We went! Out in public! We left the house! Weeeeeeeeeeee!
Devon put on a fantastic afternoon, preceded by a wonderful leetle meet in the Arboretum w/ Kelly & Gang. My pictures are overexposed and blurry… sigh. As usual. The tea house was AWESOME. We had our own space in a little victorian cottage with a room set-up for the dollies. But it was so tight it was really hard to get in to take pictures of the 60+ dolls attending without getting jostled. The company was fantastic, as usual I wish I could have chatted around the room more. But I get so giddy and dumb. They had a very cool little raffle to raise funds for the next meet and I won a cute pony tail wig!
Here’s my lame photo album, there were SO MANY gorgeous dollies there. Some of my favorites (one & two) I don’t even know who/what they are. The bjd world is getting crazy!
Favorite pix:

Merry (liebchen) was very naughty all day! In the park she kept picking her nose and I found her giving the “up yours” at the tea room! Gasp!
Everyone was super nice, both Ondine & Hermione got Valentine’s which has totally gone to their heads. Imogen sat with me at the table, I didn’t want to leave her alone as she’s trouble!