Unoa XXX

That means STOP LOOKING if you are wee.
Yuzuko posted about a mook on Japanese love dolls, “I-doloid” which I had to run out and order and have EMS shipped for Mr. Kallisti’s christmas stockin’. = yay.
Both copies I got have Gentaro Araki Unoa spreads. One introduces the new boys and their, um… equipment. The other looks like an intro for Unoa Quluts the 2nd, I’d need some translation help if someone is bored enough.

Milk & Choco are 43cm… so same height as the current Unoas. Are these future releases or WOT!?!?! More va-va-voom pix below the cut!

I-doloid Vol. 5

There were a buncha cute pix of the boys and girls, and boys and boys and girls and girls. But I got tired of scanning o_0 so I just posted the ones where there is naked. Yay naked!
I-doloid Vol. 6
Unoa Quluts the 2nd

One can only dream that these would eventually be available to the public. So lovely!

7 thoughts on “Unoa XXX”

  1. OMG, I wish they were avalible right now…they are beautiful.
    Do you think they will be avaliable on the future?

  2. I had a look at Araki’s Diary at the Alchemic Labo website via a translation service last week, and I think I understood that he mentioned something about “the new dolls are not reasy yet, not even prototype photos are ready, please do not send any inquiries about them…” I hope these will become available 😀 I am also wondering if the elusive “Luts Fashion Delf” will be in the 16inch realm.
    � T.

  3. Your unoa pictures inspire me. I’ve pre-ordered my own! Tell St. Trinian she’s responsible for the hole in my bank account!
    P.S. I think I need one of those male Unoas with the functional dangly bits. 🙂

  4. They’re gorgeous!!! By the way I LOVE your site!!! I’m stuck in Iraq right now, me and my little Soul Kid! We plan on starting our own little doll shoppe/art shoppe someday! And all these beautiful picttures are helping me create my first BJD!! Wish me luck!!!

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