Unoa Sist, wah!

I whine.
schedule -錬金術工房
I whine because I won Lin (ssssssecret yo baby!). I whine because I’m hoping beyond all reason that the NY Dolpa LE released at the request of American collectors will be Sasha. I whine because I’m going on a fantastical, once in a lifetime journey to Europe. All of which require ungodly sums of cash.
…and Araki-san has chosen June 16-30 as the once yearly open preorder for Unoa girls Lusis & Sist. O! my life is hard! Pity me. And then stab me in the eye with some shaddup you over-privileged whooooore! *winky*
(there is always a chance that Mr. Masamichi will not be participating in said preorder, that has happened before, and we’ll all be s.o.l.)
Have I mentioned buy my stuff lately? Yeah.

6 period [yunoa] girl (cyst/[rushisu]) substance *
2007 June 16th (Saturday) night ~30 day (Saturday)

2007 July 7th (Saturday) night
2007 July 9th (month)
This incoming order (main/order)
 During period, from this site at alchemy atelier Webshop cart of link acceptance.
  * It becomes pulling out selection, concerning delivery time, but to the last it is incoming order sale.
   Everyone you can purchase the method which receives application.
   In addition, details of this incoming order (main/order distribution? And so on) to in regard
   Inside WEBSHOP category please read “concerning sale method”.
(Schedule estimate value)
 [yunoa] cyst/. [rushisu]: Not yet paint not yet assembly kit…Each 39900 Yen (tax removal 38000 Yen)
 [yunoa] cyst/. [rushisu]: Not yet paint not yet assembly kit large milk part attaching…Each 43575 Yen (tax removal 41500 Yen)

 As for cyst/[rushisu] regardless of the presence of the large milk part, to one person each 1 bodies
 The ○ cyst kit (the large milk to be) + [rushisukitsuto] (there is no large milk)
 The ## cyst kit (the large milk to be) the + cyst kit (there is no large milk)

Specification as soon as be able to prepare, we publish details and the picture.
Please be sure to read the full page inside WEBSHOP category before the purchase.

4 thoughts on “Unoa Sist, wah!”

  1. If it makes you feel better, I can’t go to NY Dolpa and I LIVE 60 minutes from NYC.
    It’s a horrible feeling. >.

  2. re:there is always a chance that Mr. Masamichi will not be participating in said preorder….yea, right.

  3. MASHA, honey! I’m so excited for you! Do you feel a bit better about that boring ol’ Unoa preorder today? 😉

  4. I just typed in a WTS ad in my LJ about Masha. I’m going and want to pick her up for someone to sell at retail price and I only thought it would be fair to ask you first.
    Please set my friends only post for details.

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