Um, yay!

I think I just ordered this?

But as soon as I ordered it went “out of stock” again. I waited too long to order it last time, I wanted it for Ondine. Mwowr. Anyone familiar with Luts ordering to reassure me that I placed my order?
Also, and I don’t know why I’m just checking now, but the Sekiguchi Momokos are available on! They have Pink Poodle in stock right this very second. And I preordered “lovely folklore.” Mmmm-Momoko!

2 thoughts on “Um, yay!”

  1. You should have gotten an e-mail to confirm your order.
    Damn thing is almost instantaneous.
    I�ve also noticed that if you buy the last item in stock, it automatically marks it as out of stock

  2. HI,
    If you got the confirmation email you are good to go! I love this outfit, I got it for bel;) gg

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