Um. OMG.


Still hasn’t sunk in. O. M. G!
Also, just got back from the Alameda Antiques Faire and got some Cool Stuff™. Pix to follow, I’m sure…
I’ve had no time to paint my F05. Bleh.
BUT, oh man… I ate raw oysters for the first time last night. Went to din-din with lovely friends Morrigan, Meatbear and Crosby of the Forum to “Spenger’s Fish Grotto” last night, which is an old Berkeley landmark restaurant my grandmother used to go to. Old fashioned style wood panelled walls covered with giant stuffed fish, guns, and sea farin’ gear. Lovely bar too.
Dear Dad,
I ate fried calamari, fresh oysters and a whole Dungeness crab. Are you proud of me yet?
Honestly, seafood has been a mystery to me my whole life. I have to be brave and adventurous to try new stuff. And oysters, well… they’re raw! But they were really good. Tasted like the ocean. There is difference between being fishy, and tasting like the ocean. Wow, that was fun.