Through my eyes…

Sometimes it is difficult to capture something juuuuuust how it looks through your eyes. Fifi was modeling her new wig from CanCan, (many thanks to Unkie Paul and Priss for sharing your beauty secrets!) and this is my view of her from the couch.


Fifi still strikes me dumb with her confectionary beauty sometimes. Mwowr. She’s also sporting her new #11 AR eyes I finally found! I love them, very dark, almost black, red-wine purple. I will have to try to photograph them so they shine.
I’ve been loath to post all week. The news of the tsunami struck me dumb. Perhaps I’m too easily affected, but the scope of the devastation breaks my heart.
I’ve sent a bunch of money to Doctor’s Without Borders today. I have that horrid sinking feeling that the tragedy hasn’t yet fully unfolded. Thanks to Blackjack for putting it into perspective.
Woohoo 2004! Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

6 thoughts on “Through my eyes…”

  1. Fifi is eye-candy extraordinaire, without a doubt. I agree with you about the tragedy of the tsunami…it is a tremendous loss with far-reaching effects. It is far from over…I donated to I can only hope my contribution will help in some way…I wish I could do more.

  2. i love her lips. i think they’re my favorite out of all the dollfies i’ve ever seen. they’re nice and small. 🙂 i also really like her eyelashes. they look like a brand of fake eyelashed called Sugar that i saw at sephora the other day. 😛

  3. I think your girl is so so cute! I have 5 boys and i have been thinking of getting them a little sister to see how they would react! I love your blog because you put so much interesting stuff on it! Please keep up the good job!

  4. Boy do I understand the ‘through your eyes’ deal… The camera never really captures the true, glowing beauty of a doll…
    I want to donate as well… is that ‘doctors without borders’ reliable? I don’t want my money going into the pocket of some crooked chairity person…

  5. Hi – I visit your page every so often to look at your beautiful girls. Thank you for the information on donating to the Red Cross at
    ….. maybe my donation will help a teeny tiny bit.

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