Three Penny Dolly

Ondine is the spoiliest girl this month! I’ve been having fun buying the groovy boy clothes I’ve never had the chance to buy, weeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is the Luts outfit I finally got squared away, the detailing is awesome: working pockets both front and back and fits Ksy/Ondine like a glove! The whole outfit does really. The boots are also Luts SD13 pink boy boots and are the best fitting I’ve found yet due mostly to the nice roomy toe. And that’s not all, we have the Luts pink cupcake outfit on its way this very moment. Ha!
Miette is quite the little street performer. I love this her outfit, she’s been wearing it aaaall month. Thanks Aimee! It is a nice simple black underdress w/ pintucks and then the little check dress goes over top, so it is very versatile and you could rearrange the outfit. I like outfits you can do that with.
And Hermione takes my breath away every day. I still can’t believe I get to keep this extraordinary creature.
OMG, do you see how retarded these dolls make me? :p They’ve taken the place that popstars used to when I was younger. Sigh. I’m such a big dumb girl.

On another note, I just spent the whole day breaking my blog. Ugh! I was setting up notifications this morning (sign up!) and apparently put in a nefarious variable into the config file and the back end of MT got real brokey. So I just reinstalled it twice and finally moved it to a clean new install (which is really nice anyway) and find out all I had to do was remove the stoopid line in the config file. So. We’ll see if the notifications still work! :/

2 thoughts on “Three Penny Dolly”

  1. so lovely… hermione is gorgeous in that wig and out fit… its the best ive seen her in so far ^-^

  2. Oh the shark has… pretty teeth, dear… and he shows them… pearly whiiiite…
    Okay, I’ll shut up now.

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