The pot of gold

at the end of my rainbow:


I’ve adopted my second Japanese baby! After many disappointments, Lady Sylvie is finally coming home. HOME! She’s coming naked, sans wig. Which is ok because I already have the outfit.
I have been having absolute fits about Sylvie since she was released. Had several failed attempts at acquiring her, and just received a note from Celga that my latest attempt was a success. Woot!
I’m debating switching her body for a SD13 body, but I kinda want a standard girl around, they’re easier to shop for. So I might keep her like this for awhile.
Doesn’t she look like she’s been drinking too much kool-aid? What were they thinking, the little airbrush happy Zoukeimura freaks? Since I believe they don’t coat limiteds I should just be able to clean her mouth off. I might want to keep or just enhance her default makeup.
Does she wear 20mm eyes ok, any Sylvie owners? Cuz that is all I have. EDIT: The Volks profile says 20mm. Hurrah for me!
And just for kicks, here’s the Sylvie one-off froofy dark nurse Volks did a few months ago:


See how svelt she is with the SD13 body?
Watch, summer dolpa will come out with a Sylvie in snow. And I’ll have to freak out and start all over again. Heaven forfend!

9 thoughts on “The pot of gold”

  1. GASP!
    You’re SO Lucky! Congratulations, I know how long you’ve wanted Sylvie! She’s Gorgeous!

  2. Cool! SDs are such an addiction, reasons why I haven’t bought one yet. And the fact I couldn’t afford one even if I wanted to. But she will be in such good hands with you. Now with Fifi and Miette. Gonna have to do a group pick, although don’t Fifi and Miette share a body? Anyway, yeah Sylvie does like Kool-Aid a bit much but you will fix her up nicely. Any ideas on a name yet? And that nursey one is HOT!

  3. Lucky!
    How can you people afford so many dolls!? I can’t even get one! *sobs* I’m jealous *pouts*
    But I’m really glad you got finally got the one you wanted all along, all be it a little later… but who cares, better late than never! ^^

  4. Nila! I don’t have a name yet, but I have a list of names I work off of I’m going to have to meditate on. Fifi & Miette *do* share the same body, I think Miette will be pouty she didn’t get a body first.
    And how do I afford them? Lots of ebaying and saving 🙂

  5. Whooo, yeah! I’ve been looking for those Nurse Sylvie photos for a while, too. I think I saved them somewhere, but I can’t remember which CD they ended up burned on. Anyway…congrats! You will *love* her. I adore my revised V13, especially with the SD13 body.
    Yes, she does take 20mm eyes, thank goodness. I tried 18mm in her the other day and didn’t really like the difference. I’d like to see 22mm sometime. And yes, I despise the default faceup – her lips are awful!
    I can’t wait for you to get her. Her head mold is seriously my favorite from Volks. =^___^=

  6. You have one of the very few customized Sylvies! I love your new V13, really, really love her!
    Funny, don’t see many pix of people even changing her wig/eyes much. I know there are quite a few out there.
    I want to play.

  7. Indeed!
    Well, I had been planning for an FCS mimi until I saw Sylvie. And then had one of my many failed attempts to get her. So I went ahead with the FCS.
    No regrets there, nosiree! But I’m so excited to get me my sylvie sugar. yum.

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