The last to know

Because I was in Tahoe for the weekend (we forgot our memory card for the camera, so please to clicky on the Marquis to see beeyootiful snow peektures)…
Aimee announced it all official like: Volks is opening a store in LA.
HOT DAMN. Some place I can actually get to. So. Excited. It is all over now. Everyone, send your condolences to Mr. Kallisti. He is gonna cry.
The trip: Ohmigosh, best time ever. I miss Toddums sew much I constanly wonder why we are three THOUSAND miles apart. Alas, he is in beautiful New Orleans, and I am stuck in overpriced, overpaid, 365 gorgeous days a year norcali. le sigh.
But the snow. THE SNOW! It snowed all weekend. Big. Fluffy. Snow. Besides the scintillating company (kiss, kiss!) we had lots of grand junk shopping. Day trip to Reno! More pictures later.
And Ondine had her first road trip. I so wanted her to meet le Marquis. She was such a pretty girl sitting on my nightstand every night.

One thought on “The last to know”

  1. Congrats on the store, we may be getting one here in Colorado also, and I’m so excited about it. From what I’ve heard they (volks) are going to try and open throughout the United States, in most of the major cities. It’s going to be great.

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