4 thoughts on “The Family”

  1. Ohh! That’s the first time you’ve had them all together! Ondine looks so real compared to Fifi and Demelza… Lovely!

  2. Damn!! They look so perfect together >__<
    I have to say I will always covet your Demelza, she is so sweet in that cut and color.
    The Dollheart outfit was made for Ondine too eh?

  3. They look right together, especially as they all seem to have some associations with each other and with the ‘room’. I loved seeing the photos.. I think about your photos sometimes when I’m not online, your ideas are so wonderfully put together and photographed they’re very memorable.
    Looks like St. Trinian rescued the baby from Ondine’s grinding?! Or does she just want to grind it herself!

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