Thank you, Andrea!

There is nothing like unexpected prezzies from a stranger (!) to make a bad day better. Fifi recieved the most beeyootiful gift in the mail today from Andrea, a gorgeous long coat!


Must be seen to be believed, I’m totally flubbergusted! It is great almost peacock feather pattern fabric with purple velveteen cuffs and collar and is lined in pink satin and has real pockets! Aieeeeeee! And the fit is beautiful. Thanks again, Andrea!
More pix below, please clicky:


Also received my Pink Lolita Flora today. And she’s so worth the $35. If you were sittin’ the fence, it is time to get off. Just for the shoes and working parasol alone she is worth it!
I am comforted.

3 thoughts on “Thank you, Andrea!”

  1. You’re most welcome =)
    I’m glad you & your gals like it! Fifi looks much more comfortable in that jacket than did my nerdy little Astrid…
    Nice photos, too. Pink & Purple for All!

  2. Just thought it’d be funny to mention that that “peacock” pattern in the coat is the *exact* same pattern/texture/fabric of one of the chairs in my therapist’s office O.o;

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