Super Dollfie Goodies just in time for XMAS, argh! Home Town Dolpa Nagoya 4 Regular Items. November 21st at 11:00am PST.
My Yo need more chibi duds!

Love the Dollfie Dream lingerie!

Dolpa 22, see DoA: And word is coming down the pipes about Dolpa 22! I think SD16 Kira looks like SD13 Yori, whom I always took for a variation on the 4 sisters theme… can’t wait for official non-blurry pix!
Official pix are in on the Volks’ Owners Appreciation Event in Kyoto for March 2010… which is Alice in Wonderland themed.
See Little Alice & The White Rabbit
Did I mention I got all my FCS extras ordered? Doh! Sailor Dress, white tabi feet, wigzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!