8 thoughts on “suddenly…”

  1. OMG I was looking at that exact wig the other day wondering how I could justify the expensive shipping for one or two wigs… I love leekwood wigs…
    If you try the site, and it works out let us know! ^^

  2. It’s a pretty wig. Makes me think of mermaids and princesses in long gray dresses looking out from their stone castle windows at the thrashing sea below…….or something XD;

  3. I loooove Leeke wigs, I own 4 and I�m waiting for two more. I ever deal with LeekeEurope, so nice, so fast ^___^. The wigs are good quality. I love them in my girls.
    The one that you like is very nice! I see it in pink and I like this kind of soft curl 😀

  4. Thank you! I ordered it (and some others) from Leeke Asia. They only charge $7 airmail shipping, whereas the auction is $22 for one wig!
    It’ll be a month before it gets here, but I’m used to that… long waits. Sigh.

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