Spring has Sprung

First off I would like to congratulate my brother whose meat blog Meathenge.com, to which I sometimes contribute, got a mention in Gourmet Magazine this month.
I am super pleased that I’ve been quoted in the magazine for saying “so awesomely yummy.” Yay! Just what I want to be remembered for. But he did refer to my Sukiyaki… which was so awesomely yummy I would probably write the same thing again.

So, it is the first day of Spring, which has actually sprung in California. Neener to the rest of the country. Nyah!
Here’s Fifi in her new duds, and yes, she has a tiara on:

“Just because you can not see the tiara does not mean it isn’t there.” -Hespeth


2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung”

  1. I can see the tiara. Yay, tiara! My Astrid is wearing a tiara right now, too, but we’re still waiting for spring here…and our first pink wig. Phooey. Maybe there *is* something to living in CA…

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