So ya’ll know I ain’t slackin’…

What does one do when one is not well? One drafts a pattern and sews an 18th century bodice by hand while watching 6 hours of The Duchess of Duke Street. And then one makes a pair of hoops (not sewn by hand, but much engineering ensued).

I like progress pictures, so here’s mine. I’ve been meaning to make a set of hoops for… oh, since before I brought Fifi home :p and here they are, finally. With much help from the images on this site, and the rest of the internet. The ultimate in underpinnings. Mr. Kallisti says: “Oh, what, those go under the clothes?!?!?!”
The bodice is made out of the vintage bo peep fabric I got recently. Adapted from a 1770 polonaise. Mmmm. The stomacher is next!

2 thoughts on “Panniers”

  1. Beauteous! Next time you’re feeling unwell, come on down to my place, ‘K? There’s plenty of snacks and fabric, and I just LUV watching experts at work!!

  2. I would seriously buy that from you…lol that is awesome and amazing and you brilliant!
    good luck with this endeavor

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