Skinny Girls

Dear Internet,
I need a skinny white body for a couple of my heads. So I thought I’d ask the internet! Both Ginevra & Ermengarde can share a body. And although Gin is old skin beauty white, she’s much less yellow than Fifi so should match whatever Ermengarde is pretty well. As St. James so aptly puts it, I need a girl who looks like she “needs to eat a sandwich.”
So the body has to be a) skinnier than volks SD13 b) white resin that doesn’t clash much with new volks FCS white (which is what Ermengarde matches).
1) First choice: Dollstown 13b body pinkywhite (another pic, 13b in the middle):
I love Dollstown sculpt. And since Ermengarde matches new volks white I think DT pinkywhite will probably work. Favorite: starving ballerina body. Not my favorite: the flipper hands & feet, and waist joint. But well sculpted none-the-less!
2) ShinyDoll Thaasa Body: recommended by St. James! They use it on their Anastasia. Favorite: Amazingly poseable and balanced. Has kneeling legs etc. Not my favorite: sculpting seems a bit one dimensional on hands, bust etc.
3) CP normal white: not skinny enough? Favorite: CP hands. Not my favorite: eh. shrug.
Honorable mention: I can’t wait to see the Muse Doll bodies. They look very lithe and lovely. But I imagine they won’t be selling them for some time.
Please to be making suggestions!

7 thoughts on “Skinny Girls”

  1. Hi! (^^)
    I personally think that the CP body is the best crafted. If you don’t think she’s skinny enough, careful blushing can *always* make a doll appear skinnier. (^~) Simply making the ribs and hipbones noticible will make her look very starved, indeed. Her legs seem very skinny to me though.
    I do like the Dollstown body also, but like you, the odd waist-joint and hands kind of bug me. However, perhaps that would match the body aesthetics you’re looking for? If you’re looking for a body that appears somewhat emaciated, maybe that’s the way to go!
    The ShinyDoll Thaasa body seems thin, but more in a glamourous way then a starving sort-of-way. Maybe it’s just me. She’s nice though, seems kind of like Dollfie Dream in resin.
    Hope that helps~

  2. Oh oh! Door no.1! door no.1! You could always get a pair of hands from somewhere else to exchange for the flipper like hands. as for the waist… eh, maybe it won’t be so bad?

  3. i know she doesnt look as easthetically pleasing as the gorgeous dollstown sculpts but i like the muse doll model for a skinny starved look!
    just look at her from the waist down she despirately needs a sandwhich ^-^
    (plus i love the way her knees work they are brilliant! and she can pose well in those pictures)

  4. The dollstown bodies are really gorgeous. Maybe you could get used to the waist joint?
    Have you thought about peakswoods bodies? they’re jointed/look similar to sd13, but deffinately look skinnier. They come in whiteskin, and I think lati sells the bodies seperately.
    But they don’t look as detailed and waifish as those lovely DT girls so… *shrugs*

  5. That Thaasa body is pretty impressive, posing-wise, and she’s pretty skinny, for a fact. That one would be my choice. (Sandwich? She needs a whole freakin’ lasagna!)

  6. I have a thaasa body and for my purposes it was a fantastic choice. If you want anorexic though I wouldn’t recommend, I think my girl has a pretty athletic build and her neck was kinda short compared to most 1/3 dollies (I was terribly afraid she looked “bull-necked” when I put my CP head on) but I got used to it in no time. Happy hunting!

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