I am so in love with quality dolly shoes. I think I’ve begun collecting them in their own right.

Left to right: My newest pair by Soul-doll, pink suede fringe platforms (eeeee!), Azone black patent boots, Volks black victorian “Sylvie” boots, Azone red patent mary janes, Volks black patent gothic creepers, Ajumapama black patent platform mary janes and black platform boots with detail stitching. Lastly, above Demelza is wearing Volks victorian ankle boots in white. Mmmmm!!!

I need to display these. Too pretty to keep tucked in boxes.
Also, I got my walking papers from work yesterday, my last day will be October 31st. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “Shooooooz”

  1. Shoooooooes *droooools* I have lots of shoes but mine aren’t near as cool as yours. XD I need to get some cool boots tooooo.

  2. *drools* When I get my SD13 boy someday, he’s SO gonna give your collection a run for the money! For now though, mad jealous. I love the booooots.
    And hey… having the 31st be your last day means that you can party conscience-free on Halloween! *pause* …dude. I’m going to be in Japan for Halloween. Do they DO anything for Halloween?
    What’s the little pinky puppy thing?

  3. i have to agree with Nattie on the shoe thing…. i seriously need to by my boys some shoes because three pair dont cut it! They are looking at me right now saying,” Yeah get cracking!”

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