She’s baaaaaaaaaaack!

Fifi Mahony v4.0

Poor Fifi, she’s been in the head cabinet since Gin arrived. Gin desperately needs a body because I love them both very much! But until I was ready to send Fifi to the Blastmilk spa, she was content to live in the cabinet. Well, more or less.
Funny story. I fully intended to freak out blastmilk readers by giving her a totally different face-up. I see so many gorgeous F13’s that I really wanted to try something different. Honest. But clearly she would have none of it. Fifi is completely married to her drag queen gothic persona. I have nothing to do with it.
The details: she’s sportin’ new Volks lashes, that are just as much the super drag queen lashes as the volks gothic lashes are. Sweet! Also, she finally got her baby pink zoukies. Mew. She would have gotten them as her default FCS eyes if Volks had had them at the time. And, best of all, both her and Ondine are sportin’ the fruits of a recent trip to Japan by Erin Fae, who graciously offered to be my happy Volks shopping fairy. These two dresses were bought at Volks, but were probably left overs from a recent dolpa, very handmade… but very cool. Lots of super cute broken english screenprinted, my favorite being “pubic enemy”… teehee! Ondine also got the light brown w1 wig, I love these wigs so much. They are all gorgeous. She also brought me back some super 1/6th clothing etc that I’ll be showing off later. YAY.

6 thoughts on “She’s baaaaaaaaaaack!”

  1. FIFI! I am happy to see her again, i missed seing pictures of her! Do all your girls have bodies now or are they sharing and Gin has to take her turn in the cupboard?

  2. oh my gawd! shes more gorgous than before!! divine, heavenly, gorgous, ahh I love it, those eyes, everything, the look is fab, does’nt seem drag queenie in my eyes, shes a beautiful gothic goddess…must stop ranting, peaceout!

  3. Gin still doesn’t have her own body, she went back in the head cupboard. I’m hoping sometime this year? Maybe?
    Thanks all!

  4. i just love your dolls, you never fail to bring the best out of them 🙂
    i need to own a ginevra i just adore her face, i dont suppose it would be possible for me to ask… dare i say…. for your husband to make me a head like hers for me to own my own?
    i totally understand if you don’t cos she’s your own baby 🙂

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