She seems so lonely

I raised my head from fever dreams today. And found Aschenputtel dressed by the goblins and ready for market.

Inspired by some yards of vintage brown lace I found in an old shop in two widths. The crinoline is an old faded pink doll crinoline that is wired underneath. I made an overdress in a cheesecloth like flax colored material, with a brown bodice and overskirt of a vintage lace. I love the delicate multi-textured layering. It was difficult to keep it from getting bunched up and too thick. Used some tricks.

5 thoughts on “She seems so lonely”

  1. Oh! She is breathtaking! What a beautiful concoction of a dress! I’m sure that must help to make you feel better. 🙂

  2. Aschenputtel is such a pretty girl~! <3
    The dresses that you make are so beautiful~! Better than anything I could ever do. XD;; I wish to learn how to sew little dolly clothes one day, but for the time being, I don’t have a dolly to try and make clothes for! Oh well, I’ll just have to swoon over your little beauties until I get one of my own~
    I hope she made your day…being sick is never good. Feel better soon~

  3. Wow…she looks so beautiful. That’s a really amazing dress. I adore the color palette of the pictures. And I hope that you feel better soon!

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