You see, there was this dress on YJP that I bid on and lost a couple weeks ago. I was pretty heartbroken. So much so that I went and bid on one of the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright outfits I’d been coveting since last summer.
Then late last night I was clicking and Lo! The same person who had outbid me on the auction was reselling the same dress. With a “buy it now” of exactly what they had paid for it. I got all wiggly as I hastily emailed celga to buy it for me and went to bed. Woke up to find I’d won it and am ecstatic!
Click below to see…

Images belong to the artist. I’ll try and find another one of their auctions and hopefully they’ll list a website. I’ve seen their stuff on YJP quite a bit lately, better than usual quality candy colored, polky-dotty lolita stuff. Very cute.

Yes, yes, I know. Alice-ness has been done to death with lolita dresses, especially with dolls. But this, this one was different. I love it so much! And those of us who are named Alice have a special connection with the books that is hard to explain. I’ve been quietly obsessed since I can remember. There was one Dolpa Alice that had an entirely different take that I absolutely loved. I don’t think her dress was even blue (horrors!) but a whimsical playing card pattern? Loved it!!! Oh wait, I’ve got a saved picture on my hd. Again, please forgive me for posting Oh Wonderful Photographer! I can’t remember where I’ve downloaded them…

Mmmmm. Dark Alice!

On another note, here is my haul from Reno:

There’s something for everyone here. The christening gown is for St. Trinian, the check coat is for Fifi, and the little dress w/ yellow and red flower trim is for Marzanna Mitten Blythe I think… They were all about $1! OH, and the hanky. The piece de resistance! I’m going to have to iron that and take a proper photo for my avatar.
The bunny butter dish was a valentine from Mr. Kallisti. Eeeeeeeee!
And thanks to all those who commented on my previous dolly posts! The input and kind words are very happy making.

2 thoughts on “Serendipity”

  1. HA! I was SO gonna bid on that ;p Glad it’s going to a good home.
    I love Mijutanyu’s Alice dresses, especially when she uses the cards – that seller was getting rid of a lot of nicey nice stuff for cheap – but I am in Unoa mode though, much to Nora’s chagrin.

  2. wow, i was just looking at the dress yesterday and thought ‘its so cute!’ gald one of your lovely dolls will be wearing it ^_^

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