Seraph Liz

Beautiful custom Liz. By SeraphStigma!
Um. OMG. Sasha overload. May the picture gods forgive me for lifting it from this site (please go see to assuage my guilt) but look at all those Sashas!
I am waiting for Sasha. Surely they must re-release her someday. But seriously. If ever anyone wants to sell me a Sasha for under the cost of a new kidney, I’ll move heaven and earth. For real.
That is all.

2 thoughts on “Seraph Liz”

  1. Mmmm, I do love the rich browns around the eyes on that Liz custom. Very very nice!
    Sasha’s are certainly pretty, but whenever I see them, I always think ‘Boy!’ because of the similarity to the F16 boy sculpt. You’d think they’d offer a Sasha type sculpt through FCS someday, ne?

  2. Ye shouldn’t feel guilty…we won’t tell! ESPECIALLY since you have THE best dollfie site…and more…and have such awesome news about everything else!

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