Retarded Fangirl

Thanks to Rachel ( ♥♥♥ ) the VdR Vol. 3 book is coming home. And thanks to YJP, a Little Princess original:

Squee, verily.
Volks released their Autumn 60cm collection this weekend. And it is so cool it is all sold out already. Mostly from the “La Personal Black Label” line, they are all black and white, super lovely stuff I don’t hate. I failed to report earlier, for that I apologize. Busy week!

Don’t worry, I didn’t get any either :p Will have to wait til the LA release, which is best anyhow.
And how cute, Cecil & Cyndi are getting married! My only complaint about the Another Yourself 2,384,784 yen book was that the whole section on Pirate Cecil had no pictures of Sylvie. WTF? Rawr.
Speaking about Liz (pretty pic above, 2nd from left) Nikki is going to split Spring Stroll with me, and I can bring home the outfit! Whodda thunk it? I’ve gotten so used to being denied access that good fortune regarding Volks is a stranger to me! We both entered for her and she won. Yay.