Ondine’s body is shipping from Celga this week. So excited!
Broke down and bid on Baby the Stars Shine Bright black dress set sans shoes and won for less than my max bid. It was a “bargain”… whatever that is when buying expensive designer dolly clothes.
why are doll eyes so expensive? I am in a quandary, need 12mm & 18mm eyes. I want Antique Rose but that is a bust. I don’t like how masterpiece looks but might be ok for tiny Unoa face? I dunno… sigh. So stuck.
feel anxious and fugly today.
am making Mr. Kallisti watch Gormenghast and he’s liking it. SO IN LOVE.
Finished Katamari Damacy
Finished Katamari Damacy and I don’t know what I’m going to do with all that free time now. Also, fun games are not good for carpel tunnel. OW.
Visited my uncle last night and after telling him about dressing St. Trinian in gramma’s ole dolly clothes he gave me her dolly high chair. I used to play with it when I was little but I didn’t know she’d made it herself when a teenager. Squeal! Fits Trinian perfectly, must send pictures to lovely Uncle.
Won a bunch of vintage dolly clothes off of ebay
Don’t know if they will fit Trinian or the other girls. Crap shoot!
I am totally stuck on my re-design for blastmilk.com v2.0. I’ve got it totally down, EXCEPT for one element and it is driving me crazy.
Spending Valentine’s Day in a suite at the Peppermill in Reno this weekend.
It’s only Monday.
Dear Universe,
I needs me some 18mm AR Peach eyes.
Edit: I just got my free parking pass for work! They pay for my garage, but had limited passes so I’ve had to pay out of pocket and get re-imbursed. WOO!

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  1. me too XD!!!
    I’ve been putting off playing with her til the body gets here. It’ll be like christmas all over!

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