cutest. picture. ever. the end.

Oh, alright. There’s more.

Another Global “Bleuette” outfit! I really like this one too, and I think it is even a better fit. The wig, a wee Global mohair wig is too small! *cry* It is being held on by just the cap. Still so cute. Will see if there is some way to mangle it so it fits.
Props by American Girl. They are rad! The detail is super fab. However, with moving parts and so much detail, things like the camera will break easily so be careful. Also got the night stand and wash set! A little short for SD, still makes a good prop.
Demelza had to try her hand with the stereoscope…

The detail, again, is gorgeous. Brown velvet rim around the mask, punched designs in metal mask casing, all wood parts. The metal is soft, so you have to be careful not to snap off the moving handle. It comes with stereoview cards of national monuments!