Posting apt silliness

Innocent World
Innocent World:
You might as well be a doll! You have perfected
the wide-eyed innocence of youth that everyone
can only wish for. Will you ever grow up?

Which Gothic Lolita Fashion House Is For You?!
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And on a side note, another week of empty promises, no Black Melody shippy noticies! I think I must steal myself, she might not be here for Halloween. ::sobbing icon::

One thought on “Posting apt silliness”

  1. Wow… I sould have known… Even the tests say I should go back Gothic!!!
    I was in my young years(3 years ago!!) but since I got fat( I’ve taken 80 pouinds!!) None of my clothes fits and i changed my style!!
    Thanks for your beautiful suggestions and cool quizz… Well I just Crave your site!!!
    Kallisti Rules!!!

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