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  1. Sigh…
    I dunno why, but she just reminds me of Italian horror, or classic Hammer flicks. Maybe she looks like someone I haven’t figured out yet?
    And what is that wee little baby she’s holding in the second shot? My eyes tell me to covet it >__<

  2. Oh, and I think I am changing my vote from Veruca to Violet – she’s got a classic look, but she’s got shades of malevolence (hence the giallo / Hammer Horror vibe).
    Again, siiiggghhhh…..

  3. Oooh Carmilla, I think though, this one’s too dark for that name, as contradictory as that may seem.
    Babette just sprang to mind…or, in the name of Hammer, how about Ingrid [Pitt]?

  4. Hmmm…I think she looks rather like Kallisti, especially in the first picture =D
    Unrelated, but recent: last night, I searched for “super dollfie shoes” via MS Explorer (yeah, I know, I’m the only person who doesn’t use Google), and the Demelza gallery and the Fifi gallery were fifth and seventh on the list of results. Whoohoo!

  5. More thoughts on names…it’s driving me mad. Must be the red eyes:
    1. Pandora ~ self explanatory
    2. Mania ~ Roman Goddess of the Dead, matron of madness, bestower of divine frenzy.
    3. Amber
    4. Jinx
    5. Tamerlane ~ Edgar Allen Poe, of course.
    6. Rayne
    Arrgghh…name her quickly or I shall go insane!!!

  6. My vote goes towards Varuca. She has a very Veruca Salt prima-donna aura to her, as if she’s giving you the evil eye so she’ll have her way. I love what you’ve done with her, she’s one of the most life-like bjd’s I’ve ever seen.

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