poofy skirts & pointy hats

fifi-corset-019 fifi-corset-013

fifi-corset-007I finished the skirt to go with Fifi’s corset. And the tricorn hat is a miserable failure, I have to try that one again, but it works ok for most of the pictures.

It’s just a poofy skirt that tapers toward the front. I added a ruffle and lace. It also has a bum roll, to help it pouf.
The skirt, bloomers etc are interchangeable with other outfits. Which was kind of my aim, to make a buncha seperates she can cobble together like a thrift store queen for different outfits. I’m going to make her a closet and call it Buffalo Exchange (a popular Cali thrift store chain).

One thought on “poofy skirts & pointy hats”

  1. the tricorn hat.
    i was wondering if you finally mastered the tricorn hat? as i work in a fancy dress shop we have them in stock and i have seen form it an easy way to make it.
    i can try and describe it if you are stillo interesded :O)

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