Plaid Prezzies




Armeleia was so sweet to send Fifi these pants… they fit! Very awesome and cool. They have pockets.
Though the above picture isn’t the best example, that was taken with my new camera! Still have to work on out all the lighting and balance etc. And Fifi did some testing of her own. Her favorite feature, THE MACRO:

And the first thing I took a picture of, my dolls house!


3 thoughts on “Plaid Prezzies”

  1. *bounce* Yay! Did you have to alter them much? Full length for MSD makes a weird length for SD… it’s so cute with the Hello Kitty though. 🙂 Thanks for posting a pic for me to see.

  2. Fifi is gorgeous, as always…
    Now that you’ve got the macro feature, let’s see sommore Calamity! Mr. Kallisti looks like he did a nice job on them nipples. 😛
    (You can repost my Calliope fanart if you want..did I tell you before? If I already did, sorry ><)

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