Piratica, n. Young adult novel by Tanith Lee.

Leopoldina stole Demelza’s outfit! Something I have fantasized about since she was first coveted. She’s also wearing an Acquire wig I have cut within an half inch of its life. Worked out well, I think… and Mr. Kallisti made Miette’s Golliwog. o_0
And a few vanity head shots, because Lulu so freaky amazing! Agh!

3 thoughts on “Piratica!”

  1. I loved the Louise Brooksish bob! I have my hair in a similar style.
    I love seeing dolls with short bobbed styles.I usually see longer styles but I really love the effect of that bobbed wig!

  2. Just had to say, you’ve outdone yourself — again!! WOW! And thanks so much for sharing.

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