Peekture Projekt, Part II

See Part I if’n you haven’t already…
More, more, more!

For Weatherpixie!
“Your shoes and the insides of one of your kitchen cupboards. Dolls optional ;)”

Ok, I love me some sketchers. Doesn’t help that I have an outlet down the road. There are 3 pair here and I actually have two more I couldn’t find for this spread. Please note the ancient green flower Docs, circa 1987, yo.

Would you believe me if I said I didn’t drink much anymore???

For Zirconiee:
“I would love to see a line up of all the doll shoes you currently own ^_^ Mmm… shoes…”
And so you shall *tink!*
Er, well… I didn’t EVEN get into the 1/6th type shoes. OH MY. That would be a feat! Maybe later, eh.

For VintageDiva_Nat:
“I’d like to see Polly beautifying herself in one of your mirrors (preferably a bedroom mirror).”

More for GeekWitch! Yay!
“I want to see doll and kitty interaction/poses! DOLL AND KITTY! KITTY AND DOLLY!”
Wah! They both have the same eye color. I die.

Ok, still have more to go… mainly group shots of the girls and the dollhouse and stuff. Will get those done over the next couple days!
Yay, thanks for playing, this has been FUN!

3 thoughts on “Peekture Projekt, Part II”

  1. I LOVE how you have done all the pics! I have the same style skechers you have….gotta love those docs!

  2. they look so great in the new pictures (as always) how about more group shots of the girls out in the garden with the pink flamingo?

  3. how about more of Ginevra, ive not seen much of her lately, maybe in the garden again ^_^

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