Peekture Projekt, Part I

This is going to be the longest post in the world. And it is only the first half!
Spent yesterday running around with a camera. Sorry these are not quite in order. I’m too disorganized for that :/ Please click on thumbnails for nice big peektures.

For gothiclibrarian:
“I want to see Miette in that cute car of yours! Perhaps let her drive (oh wait…that sounds dangerous…)”

For Jesse:
“I’d love to see an outside shot of Ondine in any location ♥”
Ondine Alice is a forensic scientist, and she’s gone down to Pt. Isobel to investigate the discovery of two bodies that have washed ashore. That of a mother and her unborn son.

The beauty of having not sealed the eyebrows, they wiped off! She is my Ondine again, with proper eyebrows. The wool suit is a vintage set I picked up last time we were in Reno for a few bucks. It is a perfect fit, I can hardly believe it. I wish I could have gotten a pic of her standing so you could see the suit better, but it was so windy we daren’t have tried it.

For Geekwitch:
“I want to see doll and kitty interaction/poses! DOLL AND KITTY! KITTY AND DOLLY! Kolly and Ditty!”

This is the best I could do yesterday. Pekoe cleaning Miette. Clearly she needed it, dirty little girl.

For RevolutionaryG:
“I would like to see more of your vintage kitschy stuff. How about your kitchen? You *must* have a kischy kitchen!”
Do I have kitschy, and how!

And a very large picture of my living room. Lots of kitsch. Vintage toy stoves, creepy celluloid toys, Mssr. Suave, baby heads, chalk dolls, nuns, embroidered vintage pillows, and one very ancient kitty!

For GirlCreeture:
1. Piccy of the top of your dresser/bureau/vanity
2. The inside of your adorable bug (VW that is)

2. Please see entry for Gothiclibrarian above 🙂

There’s more to come! Stay tuned…